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We typically upgrade control systems for clients when:

  • Their system has reached the end of its life and/or no longer functions
  • An upgrade would result in significant energy savings
  • They’re already undergoing other major plant renovations or upgrades
  • Parts for the system are hard to find or obsolete.
  • Software/hardware upgrade in another part of the facility
automation control
machine control

Indicators of an out of date system:

  • Hardware is no longer available
  • Software version are out of date
  • Electrical parts not compatible
  • Support is no longer available

When you’re buying used parts on eBay, it’s definitely time to start budgeting for an upgrade. The risk of a minor failure taking down your whole facility while you search for spare parts is too high.

machine control
machine control

We provide upgrades for any type and style of crane. We will upgrade the controls with your preferred controls vendor. Vendors such as Allen-Bradley and Siemens with programming that is tried, tested and proven in many of the largest facilities around the world.



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