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ASRS cranes move lengthwise along the aisles between warehouse racking, where they enter, position and extract product. The handling system picks the product from the appropriate bays and subsequently places them in the storage cells and vice versa. The handling of product is completely automatic, fast, and safe. We design your system with your needs in mind. If you need to meet throughput or any other specifications, we design your system around this. We are experts in all the major controls platforms: Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, GE and many more. We provide full electrical and mechanical drawings for approval before the project starts


Reasons for an ASRS

The key benefits of using ASRS cranes within a storage system are:

  • Automation of the product input and output operations
  • Fast and accurate warehouse controls and updates, facilitating the inventory system
  • Elimination of manual errors
  • The possibility of adjusting to special working conditions (temperatures from -30° up and high humidity)


There are many different types of ASRS cranes that Elite Automation can provide and integrate. Below are some of the different options that can be integrated into an ASRS crane:

  • Type of loading unit being handled: pallets, metal or plastic containers, frames and others
  • Load capacity: from 10 to 3000 kg
  • Height: up to 40 m
  • Number of pallets: one or two
  • Load lifting devices: single or double-depth telescopic forks; multi-depth satellite vehicles
  • Temperature: room temperature, controlled temperature or cold storage



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