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Elite Automation has the experience needed to properly manage your project.  We know this takes planning and preparation to make things run smoothly.  Communication is a key part of this, from the beginning we will communicate regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page.  You will be aware of all steps involved; ordering, shipping, schedules, delivery’s on-site arrivals etc.  Once on site, we provide daily updates to our clients.  We are conscious of your need to know the progress being made.  A project manager will be on site and available to you at all times.

Elite Automation will follow the steps outlined on the following page.  This process ensures that you project is carried out accurately and efficiently.

We will make sure that your facilities requirements are met.  This includes all automation and safety standards you strive to meet.  Safety is no laughing matter; we will work together with you to be sure you are comfortable with the installation process and final product.  Your operator’s safety while working with the ASRS system is a top priority   

What can you expect?

  • Clear communication
  • Regular updates
  • Safe work environment
  • Timely install
  • Reliable system
  • The right solution for your needs



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