When it comes to more complex conveyors, Elite controllers/conveyors can be used as a stand-alone unit and work as its own PLC, or directly connected to most major brand PLC’s using ProfiNet, Modbus, or EthernetIP. All required GSD and EDS files are available. Once a PLC is connected it may take control of any and every zone in the conveyor system if required. There are certain levels of “Control” a PLC can use such as “ZPA Mode” which allow you basic control over the system such as motor speed, accumulation points, and tracking. There is also a PLC mode which gives you access to every single I/O and register available on the card which effectively turns the card into a motor starter and I/O block. ConveyLinx Ethernet capabilities also allow for EthernetIP, ModbusTCP, and Profinet as well giving you many options for PLC connectivity.

ConveyLinx also supports internal Tracking for your ZPA system. Tracking Data can be passed from Zone to Zone automatically as product travels down the conveyor system. If there are complex mechanical controls on the Conveyor such as Pushers, transfers, mergers, or diverters, you can then use this internal tracking to make the appropriate decision.

One of the major advantages of Elite Automation Conveyor is its ability to plug together and run. With just power and ethernet you can install 10 feet or 1000 feet by simply plugging the sections together. This can be done with transport, accumulation, and pallet conveyor.

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