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There are many ways to automatically sort products as they move through warehouses and distribution centers. Sortation solutions range from basic pushers and diverters that sort fewer than 30 cartons per minute to sophisticated high-speed sorters that handle as many as 450 items per minute. The right sortation solution depends on the product you’re moving and your need for speed.

Sortation systems automatically sort products as they move through a facility. They reduce the manual labor needed to prepare for palletizing, packing, shipping and other industrial operations. In addition, sortation systems can increase efficiency and provide more accurate fill rates, lower return rates and operating costs. All of these benefits add up to lower prices and faster delivery to the consumer.

Conveyors High Speed Sortation

System controls
Elite Automation has over 20 years of experience installing and programming many different types of sorters.

Sorter types

  • Cross belt sorter
  • Paddle sorter
  • Pop-up transfer sorter
  • Lineshaft pop-up wheel sorter
  • Pop-up steerable roller sorter
  • Pusher or puller sorter
  • Parcel Singulator
  • Line Sorter
  • Tilt tray sorter
Conveyors High Speed Sortation

A key component of most sortation systems is a fixed-position bar code scanner. The scanner identifies each carton or item on the conveyor and sends that information to the sortation system controls. The controls have been pre-programmed with the destination of each product and can activate the sortation mechanism when the product arrives at its designated divert point. Without correct programming and a good scanner your system will develop tracking issues and send most parcels down your jackpot lane. Elite has experience with and programs every type and size of sorter.

Conveyor Options and Services
Conveyors High Speed Sortation



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