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Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrapping your pallets is the finishing touch to any product. It’s one of the last steps in the production line and the first feature your customer sees upon delivery. Not only that, a good stretch wrap protects your pallets from damage, dust and other tampering. Wrapping pallets isn’t complicated, but it does take careful consideration of your business’s entire process. We integrate stretch wrappers from Lantech, Orion and many other big names in the industry.

Conveyors Stretch Wrappers

How many pallet loads are being wrapped with stretch film per day, week, month, etc.?

Determining the amount of pallet loads going out can be a quick indicator of whether or not to invest in a stretch wrap machine. Companies only wrapping a couple pallets per week may want to consider staying with hand stretch film or purchasing a used machine.

What are monthly film costs?

Determine monthly or annual film costs and figuring a 10% up to a 30% reduction in cost by switching to a stretch wrap machine is a safe figure to use. This is often one of the most tangible ways to determine ROI on the cost of a machine.

What is the monthly or annual cost of product loss?

The use of the proper film with proper machine settings can dramatically reduce product loss. If toppled and unwrapped pallets are consistently occurring a stretch wrap machine should resolve many of the issues.

Does wrapping pallets by hand slow down the amount of work production?

By observing the warehouse, supervisors can often determine if hand wrapping is slowing down production. Switching from a hand wrap to a machine can increase that production by a third or double it.

How many oblong or tall pallets are wrapped per day, week, month, etc.?

Image result for orion stretch wrap machineImage result for stretch wrap machineThis can be addressed when determining the total amount of pallets wrapped per day, week, month, etc. If wrapping more than a few tall pallets per day, a stretch wrap machine with an extended mast can be a huge benefit to a location.

Conveyors Stretch Wrappers
Conveyors Stretch Wrappers



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