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In today’s fast-paced production environments, picking and packing operations ask a lot from human operators since they demand uninterrupted speed, accuracy and dexterity. Whether they are picking and packing cheese sticks, awkwardly shaped Tarte Flambé, or mixed-load pallets, robots, by way of contrast, can complete these tasks consistently at high speed without the need for breaks. To increase productivity, dedicated software can be used to coordinate and synchronize multiple robots picking and packing 2,000 items per minute on a line. This kind of automation not only lowers your costs versus manual, but also saves you valuable production time.

Robotic High Speed Pick and Place

Sorting and picking

Visual line tracking technology provides up to four robots with human-like eye-hand coordination skills, enabling them to sort and pick loose parts on a moving conveyor using a single vision system.

Robotic High Speed Pick and Place

Easy customization

Because no two pick and pack production scenarios are the same, one particular manufacturer has created the world’s first fully customizable software – making it easy for you to adapt your robots to any number of multiple conveyor, cell and line set ups.

Robotic High Speed Pick and Place

People-like picking

Linked to either single or multiple 2D cameras or 3D sensors, state-of-the-art vision systems enable robots to identify and select random objects on a conveyor according to either color, shape or size.

Robotic High Speed Pick and Place

Food safe

Adapted specifically for use in primary food environments, some models of pick and pack robots are certified to handle raw and fresh produce. As such, they are built to take the harsh salty, alkaline and acidic conditions that this sometimes entails.



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