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Elite Automation provides great solutions for robotic palletizers. A palletizing robot can palletize multiple products at the same time, and multiple patterns. This causes companies to have to use a lot of pallet conveyor to move their empty/full pallets in and out of a robot cell, which adds up and can become costly. Elite Automation has a great custom solution to save you space and money. We are experts in pallet shuttle cars and integration into your robotic cell. We have over 15 years of combined experience in laser guided vehicles. Using just one shuttle car we can utilize just one pallet feeder and one pallet wrapper to maximize your space and save you money on equipment. With a shuttle car you can feed empty pallets to multiple robots quickly and efficiently, while picking full pallets and delivering them to a single outfeed or pallet wrapper.

Robotic Options and Services

This system is totally modular as well. It can grow along with your need. If another robot is added all it takes is adding more track for your shuttle car, and the pallet stations. You are still able to utilize your original pallet feeder and pallet wrapper. A pallet shuttle car will speed up your production and save you money on equipment and integration time. Elite Automation’s team are experts in the utilization of pallet shuttle cars in robotic cells. Let us get you a quote today.

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