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Here at Elite we know how important it is to have your robot up and running. Our preventive maintenance plan will help keep track of each of your robots by serial number and its condition when we come on site. We use this to determine the best course of action to care for each specific robot. We will clean and check all the major and minor parts of the robot and cell. We will grease all joints and check the batteries in the robot controller and robot itself. We make sure that your robot will perform its best and will not have issues when you need it the most.


Elite Automation specializes in upgrading old robotic parts. Many facilities have robots that have been in production for many years. These robots still run well and will for many years to come. End Of Arm Tooling however change constantly with the need to re-purpose a robot, inadequate vacuum head, or other EOAT’s that are worn out or out of date. We have the solutions to replace that EOAT with a solid reliable replacement that will allow you robot to continue to run for many years to come. We provide solutions to upgrade the controls so that your EOAT can communicate with your existing robot system, or retrofit the EOAT so that it can communicate with your current system. Elite makes the change out as simple and quick as possible so that you have little to no down time.

Robotic Preventive Maintenance



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