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iRVision is FANUC’s unique, fully robot integrated visual detection system enabling the robots to see in order to manage production settings in a faster, smarter and more reliable way. This increases the overall production flexibility and efficiency in the workplace. The iRVision application solution can be implemented without complicated programming or expert knowledge. The need to place the work piece in an exact position for the robot to grip is no longer required, as iRVision recognizes the work piece independently. This results in a high operational efficiency of the overall process. The solution is applicable to various industries (Automotive, Food, Metal, Plastic, Automotive, Pharma, etc.) and can be customized according to your various needs.


2D vision

  • Detection of objects positioned in one layer (X,Y,R)
  • Picking up non-moving parts
2.5D vision

2½D vision

  • Detection of objects positioned in two or more layers (X,Y,Z,R)
  • Picking up non-moving parts with different heights
3D Vision

3D laser vision

  • Detection of object position and orientation by laser projection (X,Y,Z,W,P,R)
  • Picking up non-moving parts in all 6 degrees of freedom
area secnsor

3D Area Sensor and 3D Vision Sensor

  • Detection of objects by 3D map (structured light projection) (X,Y,Z,W,P,R)
  • Can be used for high-end vision-based bin picking, depalletizing, and other material handling applications and functions despite the parts conditions, e.g. being dirty, rusty or oily
pick tool


  • Detection of objects on-the-fly in conveyor tracking (X,Y,R)
  • For all processes involving the need to identify, pick and place objects on a moving conveyor


  • iRCalibration functions are service tools based on iRVision.

They simplify the initial setup, speeding up the entire integration, which results in an improvement of the application accuracy.



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